Andri Wijanarko


The quality of human resources is to determine a person's activities in the
economy to earn income. While the number of working age population by level of
education is higher but still unemploy, it should be brought to the attention of all
parties concerned that higher education alone has not been enough to prepare the job
Based on the data of structure of the population pyramid is dominated by
young age, then the Government of Banyuwangi Regency should perform control of
birth rates. A large population at a young age can occur due to improvements in the
quality of health facilities for the mother and the child so that the level of infant
mortality is dropping, just that it can increase the proportion of young population.
When controlling the birth rate is not done, can trigger concerns did not materialize
"demographic bonus", which at the national level will be achieved by 2025-2030.
Based on the data of education workers that still dominated at the level of basic
education (primary and JSS finished finished) by 54,86%, then the Office of education
(Dinas Pendidikan) should improve school participation rate, i.e. by increasing the
number of educators and school facilities adds up to the remote region.


human resources, population pyramid, demographic bonus


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