Jakfar Sadik


National Development that was held simultaneously with the spirit regional
autonomy refer to the three strategy: Pro-Growth, Pro Job, and Pro-Poor Budget which
are all at the center of the goals that the make-up of prosperity to eradicate poverty
reduction through. Sumenep Regency community people out of Poverty is the majority
multidimensional, education primary school students, the access appropriate sanitation
and clean water still enjoyed a few people, the people who have not enjoyed the flow of
electricity PLN is almost 40% especially in the region the islands, sea transport and
rural areas also adopted by less than that inhibit mobility and work in economic
activities in the region. Poverty alleviation programs Sumenep Regency region is
divided into 3 clusters including: the program social assistance based integrated
poverty alleviation programs, family-based pemberdaaan poverty alleviation programs,
community-based micro and small business development. From the three clusters have
been integrated between the national, provincial and district levels. Many achievement
also have been achieved by Poverty alleviation programs in Sumenep Regency area,
including; The Education indicators population, The Health community indicators, The
Basic Infrastructure, and The indicator for Food.


profile, Poverty alleviation

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